5 mistakes you make inviting a man to have sex with you


Actually only in movies men are always ready to have sex with their women and every – even the slightest – clue they accept as an invitation to bed. In real life situation is different a little bit.

You should be straight and frank with a man if you want all your signs to be read correctly. For example you invite him home to repair something and putting on the sexiest dress and taking a bottle of wine, desperately try to seduce him. And he can’t understand why is the grade of sexyness became so high. If you want to have sex with a man don’t hide your intentions and say it directly. Then he will keep in mind what is expecting him and will have time to prepare himself and the date will finish as good as it was planned. In this article we will talk about mistakes you can make when invite a man to sleep together.

1. You choose the wrong time

Men who are ready to have sex at any moment is some kind of fiction. In real life a man can be not ready to have sex, he may be tired after work, sleepy or his head is busy with something else. And in such moments invitation for sex can be more irritating, than pleasant. It’s better to learn  to understand by some non-verbal gestures (looks, movements) in which mood the man is. And if you suggested having sex and you see that your partner is not ready, it’s better to loosen the grip and not press.

2. You are too pushy

Of course men like when a woman takes initiative in her hands in a bed. But to attack your partner as if you are a tigress is not the

best tactics. In most cases men want to feel themselves as conquerors and seducers, not conquered and seduced. So what is better for – to play a game where you are a prey and he is a predator.

3. You hurry

This point is about new relations where intimacy part doesn’t exist yet. In general the question after which date having sex is appropriate is still open and women’s forums are full messages that if a woman suggests sex by herself and before the third date, a man considers her to be not serious and not decent. Not to make a mistake you’d better discuss this question with your partner beforehand. To learn what is acceptable for him or what is not. For example some men don’t like to waste time and prefer having sex after the first date if he liked the girl and she liked him. Others prefer making this period longer. Ask your partner about first sex and you won’t make a mistake when you suggest spending time together.

4. You listen to your desires only

For example you suggest practicing some particular kind of sex or create some particular mood (rough sex, soft one, quick one and etc).

Don’t forget that desires of both partners matter in this question and it means that you should not forget about his preferences.

If today you want some rough stuff and he wants to do it softly, it’s better to find a compromise. First it’s a sign of respect of his wishes and second it makes him think that you are attentive to his wishes and he should be attentive to yours.

5. You think about yourself only

Sex is a process where both partners get pleasure. But if your aim is to satisfy your sexual appetite, maybe you should think about your partner’s feelings. If you want sex just for sex’s sake it would be better if you discuss it with your partner about absence of any obligations. But if you suggest sex to your partner just for satisfying your needs, it looks like using a person.

And nobody wants to be used and cheated in relationship.