Types of men on dating sites. Recommendations for women

Dating Advice

Every adult dating site is full of men. Of course you don’t have to treat this article too seriously, but there is a bit of truth here. So what men can we find on a dating site? 

  1. Romantics and philosophers – men from 30 to 40 years, usually married. Commonly they are not satisfied with their real relations and they dive into virtual life messing with young girls heads. Often these are well-educated men and they have much interesting to say. So girls get in their nets. If some men you communicate with look like these ones, beware!
  2. A common man – approximately the same age as the guys above, usually divorced. “If my wife didn’t appreciate me, they will appreciate me in Internet” – he thinks and dwells on a dating site. He is flattered by women attention and it’s ok. This man is often reliable so if you caught him, hold him tight so he wouldn’t get back to dating sites. 
  3. Big mouth – everything is clear from the name. These guys like to chat, always tell something. They write really good and are very emotional in communication. But be careful in all this love chattering, have some doubts. Maybe he has a wife. 
  4. Programmers – everything is clear too, these men spend much time in Internet as they work here. They are not boring and there are many clever and communicative people among them. If you are seriously interested in such man, first learn isn’t he married?
  5. Jungle cats – in general they are really sexually concerned guys. There are a good guys among them, but you have no chance to catch such man, if he doesn’t fall in love with you.