An orgasm while sleeping: the whole truth about this mysterious phenomenon


There are many women in this world who know about this thing and experienced it by themselves. But there are also many women did not even suspect that an erotic dream can make your sleep really exciting. 

If not everybody but quite many people know that men can get aroused and even climax during sleep, Unvoluntary ejacualation – pollution – happens during period of sexual activity absence and is absolutely natural biological function. But what about women? We’ll discuss this question in this article. 

Orgasm during sleep is not a myth

According to statistics nearly 70% of women have erotic dreams several times a month and only half of them climax during sleep, like they get a bonus for such dreams. By the way such an orgasm is always a result of an erotic dream even if you don’t remember it. 

Still researchers are not completely sure in the process. It’s quite possible that you see an erotic dream first and it provokes blood influx to vagina and them an orgasm happens. But it can be this way: high blood influx happens first and it  provokes an erotic dream. 

And if erotic dreams and emotions can be explained by subconsciousness, bodily feelings are explained by brain workings through your sleep. Particular feelings in genitals can be felt when body is immersed in a phase of a quick sleep as it is characterized by high brain activity. Features of this phase are: deeper and active breathing, eyeball moving, and also different reactions on dreams – body moving, moans, blood influx to genitals and all of this lets you feel pleasant emotions while sleeping.  

But why can we get orgasms during sleep in general? Men have ejaculations when they don’t have active sexual life, but as for women a number of partners or frequency of sex acts doesn’t matter much. It can be said that sleep orgasm is a trigger that is activated when a woman has to go through a complicated and dangerous situation. So it can be considered as a reaction to stress. Also there are many things in real life that can distract your attention but they don’t influence your ability to climax when you sleep. 

Noise, disturbing thoughts, children sleeping in your room – in real life these subjects don’t help to get pleasant feelings, but when you sleep none of these factors will bother you. By the way you don’t have to worry about content of your erotic dreams, which lead to an orgasm, and there is no need to look for hidden meaning. Erotic dreams are not equal to your desires. So if you climaxed because of a dream where you had sex with several men, a woman or even a mythical creature, don’t worry and relax.  

What things such orgasm depends on

  • Hormonal background. More often women get climax while sleeping during ovulation, before menstruation or during period – this is time when rate of sexual hormones becomes higher and a woman is more sensible and gets aroused quite easily. 
  • Body position during sleep. According to studies, if a person sleeps on a belly his dreams are more vivid and intensive and they can have erotic atmosphere. It is explained by more tight contact between genitals, erogenous zones and a bed, and it provokes pleasant feelings during sleep. 

Bad news: you can’t provoke it by yourself

No matter how hard you try but you can’t create a good atmosphere for having an orgasm when you sleep. You can remember the most exciting thoughts and images, fall asleep listening music connected with erotic emotions touch yourself and etc. But you can’t command this mysterious thing at all. Your body decides itself when it’s necessary for you and starts this process when it’s time, if it’s needed. 

If you have an orgasm when you sleep don’t get nervous and don’t look for reasons why it happened, because it’s not a sign that you must have more sex in real life or have to make your fantasies true. 

Having sexual pleasure while sleeping is absolutely normal. But if you think that such orgasm starts replacing and displacing real sex, you should visit a sexologist, who can help make sexual relations normal and improve your physical and psychological health.