Whispers and moans: how to excite a man with your voice


If you think that you can excite a man only with lewd messages or sexy lingerie, than you miss a very interesting possibility to make excited by your voice only. In this article about this interesting way to make man go crazy.

If you still don’t think that arousing man with voice is real just remember that telephone sex exists. Yes, the girls who work there speak on really straightforward subjects, provoking them to create hot images and pictures in imagination. But in this case not only what they speak matters but also how they speak. And everything counts: from what words are chosen and length of phrases to pauses and moans. Intonation is a very important thing: putting accents in a right way you can transmit different feelings by words: from despise to sexual desire. Some searches say that low frequencies are more comfortable and nice for hearing a voice message.

That’s why we hear male voices on radio more often and if we hear female ones they have low notes.

Low frequencies in a female voice are perceived as sex appeal by men. By the way women prefer men with low voice and it has a logical explanation. The fact is tone of voice depends on quantity of testosterone in his body and as we know testosterone is responsible for sexual activity. By the way scientists found a curious fact: men with low voice have more children than men with higher voice. Anyway low frequencies in voice be it a male or a female one are a sigh of higher sex appeal. High voice that can become a scream at some moment are considered by men as a sign of hysterical or infantile girls. And women with sharp and abrupt voices like to command and dominate.

You can learn speaking with a low voice with breath or sexy notes even if you have a high voice. The main rule is to train by yourself not with a man. First time it’s not easy to speak it you risk lose your voice for some time. So you need to learn breath exercises.

1. Breathing

First breath deep and straight in this case the risk that your voice becomes squeaky is low. Second practice breath stop and swimming is good for it. And third work with your diaphragm – muscles serving for spreading lungs for breathing out to enlarge place for breath. Lying on 

a back put palms on a place under ribs and breath in. The place where your palms are must raise not your breast.

2. Speech technics

To speak in a low voice you can work with your speech: speak slowly, gently, separating words from each other (such practice is useful for girls who are used to chat fast). Don’t break phrases in the middle, finish phrases and try to use question intonations as seldom as possible – this intonation itself supposes raising your voice in the end of phrase.

3. Whisper 

But even if you don’t have a charming voice of temptress, you can call a sexual desire in a man. If you want to arouse him, just whisper something seducing in his ear or something even not connected with sex. First by whisper we talk about private and personal

things and we say words that a addressed only to one person only. And second when a woman approaches to a man to whisper to him something she creates a reason for tactile contact: she breathes on his sensible zones of his neck and ears, touches him with face or some body-part, as she is too near him and also she gives him an opportunity to smell her body and perfume.

To work with a voice is really important, but don’t forget that this is not the only way of seduction. Sounds that woman create are also important for seducing a man. For example moans is a one of signs of pleasure during sex or prelude. They are not always connected with pleasure as everybody has different behaviour during sex – some girls scream and moan so loud that neighbours can hear and still they don’t get pleasure and other girls just lose their mind but don’t make a sound. Models of behaviour are different but all in all we consider a moan to be a sign of pleasure. So if you want to stimulate your partner during sexual intercourse, it’s better to moan and it will let him understand that everything is good. Don’t forget that moarning is different, if you like to do it loud, maybe you should warn your partner.